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Are you looking for a landing page builder that effortlessly helps you create the perfect product page? Try Veda CMS!

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Discover Our Key Features

Veda CMS is an easy-to-use landing page creator. Our user-friendly platform offers convenient plugins that eliminate the need for coding. Effortlessly input your product details and launch your website or landing page with ease.

Instant Access to Free Templates

Access a variety of templates for free. No login required.

At Veda Inc, we get it – sometimes, you just want to dive into your work. Enjoy our extensive collection of editable templates, completely free. No logins or credit card information needed. Your journey starts effortlessly – dive in and start building your ideal landing page.

Easy to Use Landing Page Builder

Craft stunning landing pages effortlessly and swiftly, all without the complexities of coding. Enjoy a user-friendly experience that empowers your creativity.

Say hello to Veda CMS, your partner in the journey of creating professional landing pages. Our thoughtfully chosen template collection allow you to focus on your core product while we take care of the design intricacies.

SEO Made Easy

Optimize your page with built-in SEO features to enhance your online visibility.

An appealing landing page design is just the beginning; achieving a high ranking on search engines demands more. That's why we offer essential SEO functionality right within our builder.

No Hosting Restrictions

We don't lock you into our platform. You have the freedom to host the pages created with Veda CMS anywhere you prefer.

At Veda Inc, we believe in the power of freedom. Unlike others, we don't confine you to our platform; instead, we empower you to choose your own path. With us, you have the liberty to host your meticulously crafted pages wherever your heart desires.

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Our Pricing Plans


$ 150/one-time

  • All Essential Plugins
  • Showcase Unlimited Apps
  • 7+ Pre Built Themes
  • Two Months Support
  • Free Hosting With Pre Defined Subdomain or Bring Your Own Hosting
Advance Plan


$ 12.00/month

  • All Essential Plugins + Access to future updates
  • Showcase Unlimited Apps
  • 7+ Pre-Built Themes
  • Continuous Support
  • Premium hosting with the ability to use your custom domain


$ 0/month

  • All Essential Plugins
  • Showcase One App
  • 4 Pre-Built Themes
  • One Month Support
  • Free Hosting

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